May 21, 2024

In 2004, more than a quarter of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions (a major cause of climate change) came from the energy that people used to heat, and light, and ultimately run their homes. As there is such an overwhelming body of scientific evidence showing that climate change is an incredibly serious and urgent issue, it has become absolutely vital to ensure homes are built in a way which minimises the use of energy and thereby reduces the amount of harmful emissions. The Sustainable Home Code has been introduced to enable a step-change in sustainable home building practise. By building upon ‘Eco Homes’, the Code could prove a much greener way of living and countless benefits for the environment, home builders, social housing providers, and consumers.Due to both the Sustainable Home Code, and the public demand, property sustainability is changing frequently. Nowadays people are looking to buy a home in a place where they can be comfortable and content. As current sustainability is about the spaces between the buildings and landscapes around them, as much as it is about the buildings themselves, these specific qualities are created by investing in both the landscapes and the architecture of each development. There are currently a number of new homes for sale in London which adhere to both the key-elements of the Code and the demands of the public.Today, the main focus of property developers is to ensure the supply is matched to the demand in terms of product, location, and price. When constructing new homes, London developers have a specific approach to reaching sustainable requirements and although each has an individual process of their own, many steps are incredibly similar.Reaching sustainability starts with land acquisition. By purchasing quality land in highly desired and well-connected locations, developers are offered the possibility of converting these new builds into low carbon communities.When planning the construction, developers will be looking to supply to meet the demands of the customers, whilst sticking to the key elements of the Code. People are looking for places where they will feel involved with the community as well as feel valued, healthy and safe. Here sustainability is reached by supplying developments which bring with them the creation of new jobs, public spaces and new amenities, as well as commercial, retail and leisure opportunities.The Code is very closely linked to the current Building Regulations, which are the minimum building standards required by law. The minimum standards for the Code have been set above the requirements of Building Regulations and it is intended for the Code to signal the future directions of our current Building Regulations and change the way our Nation uses energy in their homes; resulting in a drastic fall of harmful emissions and a greater regulatory for the homebuilding industry.